Vegan organic premium crunchies, sustainably made without sugar and fat

The breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, we think so too! That's why we at CrunchyFair create the only vegan organic crunchy granola worldwide, with no sugar- and fat-containing binders and artificial additives.

In addition, our crisp dreams are naturally low in sugar, low in carbohydrates and prebiotic, rich in protein and fiber at the same time! Incidentally, the prebiotic properties also have a positive effect on the intestinal flora and support a balanced and health-conscious diet!

Welcome to Your LifeStyle

We give you back the freedom of taste, because every consumer should be allowed to vary the sweetness of his crunchy cereal and that is why we do without the addition of sugar of any kind!

That's not enough, we go one step further! With us no mass production and outsourced big industry comes into the bag. Our cereals are hand-made sustainably in the workshops for disabled people of the village community Camphill in Steinfurt in rural Münsterland. CrunchyFair works with the certified organic Camphill bakery.

"We want to be with our crispy muesli proverbial" the unicorn "of muesli fish.Universally there is not known, but they are very rare, but you can find them just in the fantasy world of consumers! We were even until 2015 said consumers and we firmly believe it that we are not the only ones looking for unicorns"

Under "What we stand for" you will find the answers your previously unfulfilled healthy crunchy cereal dreams . . .